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Chicken Cooking Tips:

1. Cook chicken to the proper temperature, because undercooking it will cause it to be tough and overcooking it causes loss of moisture, making it drier.

2.Keep chicken from drying out in the refrigerator by keeping it tightly wrapped. If the chicken dries out, it will become tough.

3. When adding chicken to a recipe that calls for a measured amount, determine how much chicken is needed by following a standard of one pound of boneless chicken equals approximately 3 cups of cubed chicken.

How To Cook Chicken
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for more Cooking Tips and a Temperature Table

We also offer Grilling Tips like this one:

How To Grill ChickenIt is best to cook your chicken on meduim to low heat to start. You want the heat to slowly penetrate to the center of the meat without burning or drying out the outside meat.

Once the chicken is pretty close to being done you can remove it from the heat, turn the grill up to high and let it heat up for several minutes, then place the chicken back on the grill to
sear it quickly and add that perfect grilled color!

Click here for all of our grilling tips.

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